Thanks for stopping by. Whenever a friend comes over for coffee, I’m always pleased and a little touched. I know how hectic life can become and how hard it can be to find the time to sit with a friend, to visit and reconnect.

That’s what my books, my blog and this site are all about. Taking that time, even when life seems too busy, to be nice to ourselves. Stopping, for a paragraph, a page or even a whole chapter to pamper ourselves because, really, we deserve it, don’t we? In the midst of running around, taking care of everybody else, we deserve a quiet moment in a sunny spot.

So I’m glad you found my site. I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my characters and their stories. I know we’ll enjoy getting to know you and look forward to your visits. For now, look around, drop me a line and every now and then, curl up with a good book.

~ Pauline Trent

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