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When asked how I knew I wanted to be an author, I’m still a little surprised. I didn’t want to be an author. Not at this level. Yes, creative writing always came easily to me in school. I have entertained friends with short stories and novellas since high school. To this day, I would rather read a book than watch a television show or even a movie. But I never wanted to be an author. Instead I became, and was happy as, a domestic violence counselor. I worked hard, played often and read a lot. When my father died, though, things changed. I wasn’t happy doing anything any more. A suggestion from a friend got me started on my first full-length novel. It was more distracting and far happier than domestic violence, let me tell you. But I still didn’t want to be an author.

Then one day, about ¾ of the way through writing that novel, I realized I had another story I wanted to tell. So I put down the first one and started writing the second one. During the second one, I realized there was yet another story. Surprise… I put down the second one and started writing the third. And somewhere while writing that third novel, I realized…I wanted to be an author.

I had three unfinished novels (none of them very good, to tell you the truth), several short-stories (slightly better than the novels, but not by much) and a half-baked idea that maybe I could do this. So I focused on finishing one of the novels; worked on making it better; and found every bit of courage I possibly could to pass it along. Through a series of events that I could never put in a book because no one would believe them, I find myself here. Pauline Trent, author.

Life can surprise us sometimes. It certainly has surprised me. But some things don’t change. I still work hard, play often and read a lot. Only now, my goal is to help you curl up with a good book.

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