The Dogs Are Barking

June 15th, 2013 by Pauline

Last time I talked about giving our partners a hand massage. Surely, you know what’s coming this week, right? Because if many of us work our hands hard during the day, even more of us work our feet. We stand, walk, run, pace, pedal, slide, dance, you name it, it’s done on our feet. Hell, even helicopter pilots fly with their feet, did you know that? I didn’t either, until I married one.

At the end of your partner’s day, while your hanging out on the couch watching television, pull their feet into your lap. It doesn’t have to be long. We’re not talking about a thirty minute massage. Just enough to work out the kinks and relax the muscles. That’s it. Ten minutes. You’re done.

Sure, if you want, grab some lotion and spend longer. That’s a lovely gift. But don’t not do it just because you’re not up to giving a long massage. It doesn’t have to be that. However short it is, it’s love ~ and that’s romance.