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…and soften while you sleep.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Now we’ve gotten the basic necessities of nail care under our belts (and let’s be honest ~ a basic mani-pedi is indeed a necessity to live a champagne life!), we can take it up a notch.  Ready for a spa worthy manicure at home?  Good!  It will take a little longer than the mini-mani, so make sure you’ve got about an hour to ensure the polish sets really well.  I like to do this while watching television at night.  Here’s what you need:

  • olive oil (yep, the same olive oil you have in your pantry)
  • Vaseline (it’s probably there in the bathroom)
  • plastic baggies (in the kitchen)
  • mittens or socks
  • your favorite color of nail polish

First, give yourself a manicure with your favorite nail color, instead of just the clear we talked about earlier.  Since it will take longer than the clear, if you can afford it, add a quick dry polish or spray to your list.  It will get you touching things a bit faster.  Just remember, the color still won’t be really hard for about an hour.  Once your nails are good and dry, instead of using special (and expensive) spa cuticle oil, rub a little olive oil into your nails and cuticles.  This has the same effects as the more expensive stuff: it makes your cuticles healthier; strengthens your nails; and sets the polish.  There.  You’re done until bedtime.

At bedtime, slather your hands with Vaseline.  Wrap them in plastic baggies and pull the mittens or socks over your hands.  The first few times you try this, it may be messy.  It really will get easier.  I suggest opening the baggies before you dip into the Vaseline.  Now, go to bed and let your skin soften while you sleep.  Please note ~ this is not sexy.  Either make sure that you are sleeping alone or that you have a bed partner with a sense of humor.  When you wake up, though, your skin will be as soft and as smooth as if you’d been to the salon.

Continue to rub your nails with the olive oil for as long as the manicure lasts.  Your fingers will stay softer and the manicure will actually last longer!  You know what that is?  That’s a champagne life ~ on a beer budget!

~ Pauline