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…and go barefoot to dinner

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

He watched her go. She was barefoot, he realized, pink painted toe nails peeking out with every step. Another woman would’ve added high heels or something with feathers to the ensemble but not his Angie.

She had changed in the few months he’d known her, true. But she’d stayed the same at the core. Chris refilled their wine glasses, trying not to stare at the door for her return but unable to stop thinking about her. How she had blossomed. Her new sense of confidence and style. Hell, she’d even learned to cook. Yet she still went barefoot for an elegant, romantic dinner. ~ Falling In Love

The last three weeks, we focused on the bare minimum we can do to have pretty hands and lovely feet.  It can, however, be just as easy and almost as fast to take it up a notch.  I’m going to be asking you to spend a little money but not nearly as much as even one pedicure, let alone a year of them.

My new favorite doo-dad is my pedibean.  You’ve probably heard of the pedegg.  Now Revlon has come out with their answer to it, the pedi-EXPERT.  All three of them are the doo-dad that allows you to smooth, de-callus and generally make-pretty your feet.  They range in price from about $7.50 to about $10.00.  Considering a single pedicure ranges in price from $25.00 to…as much as you want to spend for one, these doo-dads are worth every penny.  Can you overdo it and hurt yourself?  Of course you can.  So be smart about it.  Follow the directions.  Don’t use it two days in a row.  Still, I highly recommend you buy one of these things!

Your pedegg, pedibean or ped-EXPERT firmly in hand, use it carefully and follow directions.  Then lotion your feet well.  This would even be a lovely night to take the routine you used on your hands last week (…and soften while you sleep) and sleep in socks.  Add a pretty polish at your convenience and ta-dah!  A salon perfect pedicure.

It’s a champagne life…on a beer budget!

~ Pauline