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and Pack A Lunch.

Monday, May 25th, 2009

More and more of us are taking our lunches to work.  It saves money and is generally healthier.  Even some companies holding day-long meetings are cutting back on providing lunches, asking attendees to bring their own.  A former colleague of mine and I were required to attend one such meeting a few years ago.  Now, my colleague was (is) a professional children’s therapist, educated, gifted, intelligent and strong.  All the things you want your kid’s therapist to be.  About 12:30, it was lunch time so we took a break and everyone at this meeting pulled out their lunches.  My colleague was the only one carrying her lunch in a plastic grocery bag. I watched her try to hide it, try to unpack her lunch surreptitiously.  I told her over and over again it wasn’t important.  It didn’t matter.  She didn’t need to be embarrassed.  And I meant every word. I still do.  That’s what she had and she didn’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed.  Still, she was.

A couple months later, we went to another such meeting and this time, she pulled out her lunch and didn’t bat an eye.  She’d been given a gift wrapped in a gift bag and had saved the gift bag for her lunches.  Voila. Problem solved, embarrassment over.

Yes, there are thermal lunch carriers and small, single-serving coolers out there these days.  There are also gift bags at just about every grocery store, drug store, warehouse store and big red box with a bullseye store.  Some are fancy and ornate and can run as much as five bucks (still pretty damn cheap compared to the thermal thingies), while others are monochromatic and plain and cost about 99 cents.  There was a boutique I used to enjoy that used small, handled bags for their sales.  They were pretty and didn’t have a logo because they were so distinctive.  That was my lunch bag for both of the aforementioned meetings.

Inexpensive to free.  Reuseable and green.  Not to mention pretty and a way to express yourself, far more than a generic thermal carrier or plastic grocery bag ever could.  Just remember, it’s not about what other people think of you; it’s about what you think of yourself.  Be comfortable and proud whatever you’re carrying.  And, at the same time, if carrying something a little nicer makes you feel a little nicer, here’s a way to do that.  Because that’s what living a champagne life is about ~ even on a beer budget.

~ Pauline