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..and Create a Little Space

Monday, August 31st, 2009

If making sure our “unmentionables” are nice makes us feel better, imagine what knowing our outer layers will do for us!  Which means it’s time to tackle the closet.  Many people have many suggestions around this.  To be honest, I’m lazier and less organized than most of these suggestions require.  My personal champagne life is pretty low-maintenance.  I’m not going to take pictures of each outfit to ensure it looks good.  I’m not going to hang compete outfits on the same hanger.  In fact, I’m lucky if my clothes get put away and not just stacked in a pile mentally labelled “clean.”  Still, maybe that’s just me.  If you are more ambitious than that, absolutely take pictures.  Hang outfits together.  And more power to you and your personal champagne life.  Either way, start here:

Make sure every piece in your closet works for you.  Does it still fit? Is it missing buttons or zippers?  Will you ever really replace the button or mend the zipper (and be honest with yourself here, regardless of how hard it is or how good your intentions)?

Some people have a one year rule  If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it out.  But what if it was a mild winter?  Or a rainy summer?  I extend it to three years because, well, things sometimes happen.  My other rule? Don’t keep it if you don’t absolutely love it.  So what if it fits?  So what if it’s practically new?  Odds are good that if you don’t love it, it shows when you wear it.  If you don’t love it, why own it?  The opposite of this is true as well ~ if you love it (and it fits and all that), keep it.  Who cares if it’s out of style or you only have few occasions to wear it?  If you really love something, it shows when you wear it.  You feel better, more confident, more attractive, more you. And it’s your champagne life so keep it!  Just be honest about the fit and condition.

This doesn’t need to be a long, painful process.  Simply put your hands on each item of clothing once.  If it’s a keeper, move on.  If it’s not, throw it on the floor and move on.  And there.  You’re done. Probably with a large pile of clothing to get rid of and a little (a lot?) of space in your closet.  Which is full of clothes you love, you feel good in, and that make you happy to wear.  You know what that is, right?  It’s a Champagne Life on a Beer Budget!

Enjoy ~
~ Pauline