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…and Look Like All That.

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Last time, we looked at where to shop. The answer was consignment and anywhere with a good sale. Great. Now what? Well, now is what to shop for and how to shop. While this may seem easy enough – what to shop for is whatever we need and how to shop is by going to a store – let me explain. On the one hand, it is that easy. On the other hand, shopping like that is, for me anyway, a guaranteed way to blow both my champagne life and my beer budget. Here’s what I mean…

It’s easy to buy something simply because it fits and it’s functional. But how much was in your donation bag that fit and was functional and yet you still avoided wearing it? We’ve just gotten rid of everything we didn’t love wearing. It makes no sense to go replace it with clothing that is nothing more than well-fitting and functional. How many pairs of jeans and pull-overs (or hoodies or sweatshirts or sweater sets) do you really need anyway? Set yourself a higher standard than “fits and is functional.” After all, living a champagne life is more than about saving money; it’s a commitment to yourself and treating yourself well.

Yes, look for clothes that fit, but also for clothes you love and will feel good wearing. For clothes that match the style you have or the one you want to have. If you have a favorite summer outfit, try to find its winter equivalent. For example, when I gave this piece of advice to my mother regarding her favorite summer outfit – culottes and a flowy tank top – she found thick palazzo pants and lovely long-sleeved t-shirts to wear during winter. The same outfit? No. A seasonally appropriate choice that makes her feel as good as her summer outfit? Absolutely! Because as we have said so often, when you feel confident and beautiful, you look confident and beautiful. And that’s a Champagne Life on a Beer Budget!

Enjoy ~

~ Pauline