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…and Be Gorgeous for Yourself

Monday, May 24th, 2010

According to Victoria, Frederick, Lulu and even Mr. Macy, one of the most special things a woman can do for her spouse is make a little effort and wear something slinky before bed. Quite honestly, I’m in total agreement with all four of them. I, however, am a fan of taking it a step further. If you’re going to put that kind of effort forth for someone else, why not do it for yourself, as well.

At some point in the evening, life slows down a bit. You take a deep breath, possibly for the first time since the alarm went off that morning. This is the time you get to be fabulous for yourself. Just like you don’t have to wear pretty undergarments when someone special is going to see them, you don’t have to only wear your lingerie when someone else is going to see it.

Right before you take that deep breath, go change your clothes. Now, I’m not talking about your old sweats and the extra-large t-shirt with the tear at the seam. No, I’m talking about the floor length satin gown, the silky men’s cut pajamas, the lacy baby doll. Whatever makes you feel sensual and gorgeous.

Pour yourself a glass of wine or brew a cup of tea. Now take the deep breath. Even if you still have to feed the dog and make the kids’ lunches, that’s okay. Seriously. You may even feel silly the first few evenings. That’s okay, too. Eventually though, the everyday events start feeling a little silkier, a little more elegant. Because who says every day has to equal frumpy? Certainly not anyone living a Champagne Life, even on a Beer Budget.