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…and Love It, Love It, Love It

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Are you ready to start small with your Champagne Life good stuff? Do you know where you’re going to focus first? Excellent. On to rule number two:

Love it.

I am assuming you have perfectly functional belongings. Your goal, however, isn’t only functional but also…more. What do you want your home to be? Peaceful? Sexy? Exciting? Colorful? Relaxing? A little of all of it? Uniquiely yours? Be honest with yourself; you know what you need to make it any and all of these. You need to love your surroundings, love being there, love living in it. This is much more than just functional find out more.

We all have to have things. There is no way around it. However, simply collecting things for the sake of collecting things will not make us happy. That adage money can’t buy happiness is a truism. So don’t just collect things for the sake of having things. Since we have to have things, make sure you have things you love.

We’re lucky because we live in an age where your really can find just about anything. Online is a goldmine. Discount shops, membership clubs, thrift stores. Just because you’ve found something that suits your need – that is perfectly functional – doesn’t mean you should buy it. Wait. Keep what you’ve already got a little longer. After all, you have a functional one; now you’re looking for the wonderful one.Whatever it is, keep looking and find one you love. Because that’s a Champagne Life, even on a beer budget.

Enjoy ~