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…and Buy Windex

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Yep. Buy Windex. Or any other glass cleaner. The point isn’t the way you keep it clean; the point is having the glass. While I totally understand why we no longer keep glass bottles places like the bathtub and the shower, I am at a loss to explain why we have done away with it everywhere else. Is acrylic really all that interesting or necessary? Are there wandering bands of rogue throwers-of-things-that-look-breakable that we must gird ourselves against?

Swap out to glass. If you’re dealing with your drinkware or your candle holders or your flower vases, there’s really no reason to have acrylic anything around. There is a sexiness to glass, a sense of daring that says “I know I might break this and I don’t care.” Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a bit but it does catch the light and sparkle far better than anything artificial. Glass has a heft, a solidness that is missing from its alternatives. Anyway, which would you rather pass down to you nieces and granddaughters, your favorite cut glass vase or your favorite acrylic one? Exactly. If you shop wisely ~ because we know there’s always a sale, right? Right. ~ you won’t have to pay more for the glass than you will for the acrylic. Sometimes, it’s even less expensive (I assume because so few of us appreciate glass any longer, but I’m guessing here), which makes it infinitely affordable.

Plus, yeah, there’s something a little sexy and retro about using glass these days.

Sexy and retro? Sounds like a champagne life to me!

Enjoy ~