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Real Life Application #1

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Remember back when we set up the schedule for the next several posts? I said then that we might mix things up a little bit. Now is one of those times.  I’ve received some emails asking if I really do live all this, or if I just write about it. The whole those who can’t do, teach thing. This is a totally fair question.

The answer is easy: Yes, I actually live this way.

But perhaps more details are appropriate. 😉

Friday was my deadline for submitting my current novel (YAY! And fingers crossed). In the past, I have celebrated finishing novels with trips to the spa, tea at the Ritz, even dancing and dining with friends. But currently, DH and I are saving up for something else, so I wanted to watch how much we spent celebrating. At the same time, my Champagne Life absolutely requires a celebration when I finish a novel.

Enter champagne and doughnuts. Yep. Two things I adore and don’t treat myself to very often. Anchorage has a great doughnut shop, that’s even open 24-hours. Finding tasty yet inexpensive champagne is easy these days. Add to it the fact that both are indeed a real splurge…Sitting in my living room, candles lit, drinking champagne and nibbling on doughnuts with DH absolutely counted as a celebration. And completely my Champagne Life…on a Beer Budget.

So never doubt, I actually live this. I know the difference in attitude these simple steps can make. Life is good. And isn’t that what it’s all really about?