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Dinner for Not You

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

DH and I are lucky in that we enjoy very similar foods. That being said, we each have very different “favorite meals.” While I enjoy my roasted Cornish game hen, he adores it. And while his rack of lamb makes him happy, I could eat it every night and not get tired. You know where this is leading…

There are two ways of making a dinner a random act of romance. Whichever way you choose, make sure it’s a random night. This isn’t about birthdays or celebrating promotions. Those dinners, while special, are not what we’re talking about.

First, when I’ve been particularly busy, when I’m stressed over a book, or have characters that won’t do what I want them to do, I’m always surprised and pleased when I realize the smell coming from the kitchen is a rack of lamb. DH can’t write my book, can’t make editors like my stories, can’t make characters do what they’re supposed to do, or take over copyedit duty for me. He can, and he does, keep me nourished. Not just with any food that would do the job. Not with his favorite meals. But with mine.

The second option is actually the flip side of the first one. Eventually, my characters settle down and my books get written. Or I throw up my hands and take a break. Somehow or other, I come up for air. That first night, as much as I might like to order pizza, or indulge in rack of lamb, I know it makes DH feel loved and appreciated if a pair of Cornish game hen make it into the oven.

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter that lamb isn’t his favorite and game hen isn’t mine. We’re together. The other feels loved and appreciated. And dinner is delicious. Amazing how the cook can feel as happy as the diner.