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Croissants, With Kisses

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

DH’s work requires him to travel a lot. Since I can work from anywhere, I travel with him almost all the time. We figured it out not too long ago, and last year, we spent over 300 days on the road. Crazy, I know. But it does mean that, when we get home, it’s really special.

We’re home right now. Arrived Friday night. And yesterday morning ~ our first morning home ~ DH got up, braved the tourists of the French Quarter, and bought croissants from my favorite bakery. All while I was still lounging in bed.

Not everyone has a bakery just around the corner, I get this. But most of us have a grocery store ~ or a muffin shop or a donut shop or something to that effect ~ relatively close by. And most of us have a favorite pastry (it’s okay to admit it). Which are really the same components that made up my breakfast in bed yesterday.

Breakfast in bed is a classic romantic touch. Breakfast in bed that’s a little more than just a bowl of cereal…that’s really, really nice. But if you, or your sweetie, take the bowl of cereal route or the fresh pastry from the place around the corner route, so long as it’s accompanied by the kisses, it’s a lovely, romantic way to start a day.