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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Facebook. Twitter. Text messages. Smart phones. Voice mail. Pinterest. News sites. Humor sites. Skype. … Romance blogs…. We are connected in ways we could never have imagined just ten years ago. So, how come we’re also more disconnected than ever? Isn’t the person in front of us as important as the people on the other end of the technology?

The other day, DH and I both had an afternoon off. For the first time in – wow, I’m embarrassed to admit how long – we unplugged. We turned off both of our phones, shut down our computers. We didn’t even turn on the t.v.

Instead, we weren for a walk and took pictures. We listened to music. We talked about the important and the mundane. We laughed. We cooked dinner together and ate by candlelight.

To be fair, none of those things are rare in my household. But this particular afternoon and evening, we did all these things without being interrupted or distracted. No bleeps, no bloops, no rings. Just us. We disconnected in order to reconnect. And it worked. I highly recommend it.