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As Random As It Gets

Friday, June 15th, 2012

You know what isn’t romantic? Food poisoning. Not at all. Which is why there was no post on the first of June. Between us, I didn’t want to live, let alone write – and especially not write about romance. Yeah, it was one of those.

DH couldn’t touch me. Couldn’t rub my back. Couldn’t even sit on the side of the bed with me, unless he was willing to swear on all things holy to stop breathing, because he was making the bed move too much with that whole respiration thing he was doing. He pulled up a chair.

But the amazing fact is, it actually was kind of romantic. At least in hindsight. DH managed to be attentive and leave me the hell alone, in appropriate amounts. He brought me ice chips and ginger ale, until I upgraded to chicken broth and crackers. He sat by the bed. He held my hair and kept a cool cloth on my neck. And most importantly, just knowing he was close made me feel better.

No, there’s nothing romantic about food poisoning. But love is always romantic, even when it comes in the form of an ice chip and a cool cloth.