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To Life! Mabuhay! ¡Salud! Slàinte mhor!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

I have to stop getting sick over the 1st and 15th of the month. Which actually brings us to this week’s Random Act of Romance. It’s a little longer, a little more personal, than most, but I hope you’ll bear with me.

Back when I was supposed to be posting last time, instead, I was bedridden. I had gotten into an allergen that is severe enough that, in the past, has sent me into full-fledged anaphylactic shock. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is the deadly allergic reaction, where everything swells up and you can’t breathe. If you don’t get it under control, you will die. Obviously, last time I was exposed to this allergen, we got it under control, because here I am. Two weeks ago, I was exposed again.

Once I again, I did everything I know to do and (again, obviously) am okay. But it was a not-fun week. To add to the stress, my darling husband was/is out of town. The truth is, while I didn’t want to die for all kinds of reasons (the grasp of the obvious in this post is remarkable, don’t you think, one of the most prominent thoughts going through my head was “I can’t do this to him. He must not get this call.”

Which brings us back to: stay healthy. Yes, staying healthy is actually romantic. Something as little as taking your vitamins, or putting vitamins out for your partner, is a romantic act. It says the other person means enough to you that you are willing to do everything in your power to be with them for as long as possible, to spare them that phone call. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not saying you should give up processed foods, or should take up through-hiking. A “health nut” I will never be. But adding vegetables to your meals, standing up several times a day, walking around the building, the block, or even the room will help. At least it won’t hurt.

Other ways to stay healthy ~

Women: Get your pap smear and mammograms; learn to say the words “vagina” and “breast”, at least to your doctor; do self breast exams; monitor your stress levels and remember to be good to yourself, as well as your family

Men: Get your annual physical; do self exams for testicular cancer; have a prostate exam as prescribed

Everybody: Know your family history; if you are dieting yourself too thin, work on acccepting yourself a few pounds healthier; if you really could stand to lose a few pounds, do so; move your body; get some rest; and yes, take your vitamins, if you need supplements.

One of the best ways to say I love you is to stick around a long, healthy time. If that’s not romance, I’m not sure what is.