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Little Touches Can Become Lingering Touches

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

The longer two people have been together, the easier it is to slip into routine. For most of us, routine rarely involves doing the little things. Yet, the little things are the easiest. Some of my favorite, little things:

  • a new nail polish. I love to try a new color. it’s silly, sure, but when DH brings home a new nail polish for me, it makes me feel loved.¬†¬†this isn’t something he’s going to be using. this isn’t something I need. it is a little way of saying he was thinking about me.
  • coffee. I often have to pick DH up from the airport. and, when we’re traveling together, I frequently hang out with him at airports. whenever I pick him up, I find the airport coffee shop and make sure he has a coffee waiting for him when he deplanes. yep, even at 11:30 in the evening (we drink a lot of coffee). when I am at an airport with him, I try to have bottled coffee drinks on hand for when he gets his refueling break. do I have to do this? not at all. but I know he enjoys it, so that’s enough.

These are just two examples, obviously, and they aren’t for everyone, equally obviously. But that’s the joy of these things ~ you pick them based on your sweetie. Because it isn’t actually about the nail polish or the coffee, is it? It’s about saying “I know you, I think about you, I love you.” Which is romance, pure and simple. Only the nail polish is random.