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Stick Together, Even When You’re Not

Monday, April 15th, 2013

I’ve written here before that DH travels a lot for his work, and that I travel with him whenever I can. The reality is, though, I can’t always travel with him. We do, however, start every morning and end every night together. Gotta love technology. Skype, cell phones, internet, all are our friends. But tech only goes so far. Years ago, we made the commitment to do this.

No matter how tired he is at the end of his day, he takes a minute or two to call me, skype me, text me, something. To be in touch some way. Sometimes, they are very quick. A confirmation he’s made it through his day, all is well, and he’s going to sleep now, thankyouloveyougoodnight. Not usually, but sometimes. That’s okay. The point isn’t to grill him or have hours long conversation http://homepage.we..6.html. The point is for me to know he’s well and safe and for us to wind down the day together.

No matter how early it is where I am, before he leaves the hotel, he calls and I wish him a good day. Again, they are rarely long calls. It’s not about that. It’s about starting our days together. Hearing the others’ voice. Starting the day off on the right foot, which for us, means together.

I do understand that not many people live the kind of weird, carnival-like life that we do, so not everyone can put this one into play specifically in this way. But the commitment to start the day together, in a loving, committed way? That’s something we can all do. It’s little. It’s random. It’s important. Aren’t they all?