About This Blog

I’m frequently asked why I write the posts that I do here at Curl Up With A Good Book…and Live A Champagne Life on a Beer Budget, so I thought it was time I explained myself fully.

One day, several years ago, I was walking down Beacon Street in Boston, Massachusetts with one of my dearest friends in the whole world.  We passed a window just in time to see a woman settle down with a cup of tea and a book.  She settled onto one of the most comfy looking sofas I’ve ever seen in my life (which also happened to be right in her bay window at street level, which is why my friend and I could see her), and had a beautiful china tea set.  My friend turned to me and, sighing, said “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could be life?”  We dreamed a bit about who she was (and if our own insecurities showed up a bit in our dreams, well, so be it).  She was surrounded by beautiful things we couldn’t possibly afford.  Her hair and makeup were always impeccable.  She had the time and the money for weekly manicures.  When she walked into a room, she never felt frumpy or out of place.  Her home was a true oasis, a haven against the noise, demands and bustle of the world.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful, indeed.

Let’s be honest: romance novels are about escapism. Romance novels are about pretending, just for a bit, that we are more like that woman on Beacon Street and less like the tired, harried woman that falls into bed every night. They’re about taking a moment and treating ourselves. They are a chance to settle down, take a breath, get away from the demands of real life, and just…be. A time that belongs only to us and allows us to take care of ourselves, instead of everyone else in our world, if only for a page or two. Generally speaking, we don’t do that very often.

We are overworked, underpaid, and stressed. Life is hurried and scheduled and expensive generic cialis india.   These days, we have more available to us ~ and yet we are less happy than ever.  It seems there is always one more thing to do, to buy, to fix, to handle.  The dream of being that woman, living that life, having that time, being that comfortable with ourselves seems to be getting further away.  Only…it doesn’t have to.

And that’s where this blog comes in. Curling up with a good book is about taking a moment to live the life we want; living a champagne life on a beer budget is about living the life we want. It takes the concept behind being good to yourself by finding time to read your next romance novel and expands it to being good to yourself in the bigger picture.  Think about it this way ~ our “budget” isn’t only about money.  It’s about energy and time, as well.  And this blog helps us find room in our whole budget.

If it’s in this blog, I live it. It works for me. Nothing here is theoretical. It’s the whole package, rolled into one place.

Which is why I, a romance novelist, write the blog I do. Because it’s all part of the same dream and we could all use a little assistance in living the dream. So remember to curl up with a good book, definitely. Just don’t stop there. Go on and live a champagne life ~ on a beer budget!

~ Pauline