Oh, My Aching…

June 1st, 2013 by Pauline

You know what writers do? Drink copious amounts of coffee, faceplant their keyboards, and weep like small children. But! Occasionally, in between all that, we write. Sometimes with pen or pencil, but more usually ~ and definitely eventually ~ at our keyboards. Hours. And hours. After a while, dammit, it hurts. Backs, necks, wrists, and hands, they all hurt. Sometimes, we don’t even notice we hurt until we finish for the evening, or we take a break, whichever comes first. At that point, you stand, you stretch, and oh yeah, you’ve been in that position a long time.

You know what the truth is, though? The truth is secretaries have the same issue. And surgeons. And teachers. And students. And construction workers. And anyone who has to spend any amount of time during their day gripping. Or typing. The pad of the thumb can cramp like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

At this moment, DH will often reach over and massage that spot, at the base of my thumb. First one hand, then the other. I bet the whole thing, both hands, doesn’t even take five minutes. But wow, does it make a difference in my world, and I feel loved and taken care of.

We focus a lot on our hands, but we don’t often think to reach over and massage them for our tired partners. Give it a try. I promise you; they’ll feel loved and taken care of, too.